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Zach's Law - Goal Safety Updated 11/17/2011


Earlier this year we provided information to our coaches about Zach's law that was signed into law earlier this year and we also posted this information on our website.  Attached is a link to a video that provides further details about the law. 

The board and I take this very seriously as we do not want this to happen to any of our players.  We work diligently with the Villages of Spring Grove and Richmond to make sure that the goals that they own are properly secured.  Additionally, we instruct our coaches and referees to verify that the goals are secured prior to any training or games. 

After watching the video, I hope you will also assist in insuring that the goals on the fields that our children play are secure and that this never happens to anyone in our federation.

Thank you and if you have any questions, please email me at rsgsa@yahoogroups.com or call me at (815)331-9523


Dan Webb


Message from the Board Updated 5/7/2010


Coaches, players, and parents - Please click the link below and read this important message from the RSGSA Board:


Welcome Updated 4/5/2009

Mission Statement: 
RSGSA strives to provide a quality community-based, recreational, soccer program that improves coordination, fitness, and individual soccer technique; enhances socialization skills, and creates rounded team players in a fun and competitive environment.